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Recruiting Services

  • We meticulously hand-pick only highly qualified, well-matched candidates for a position

    • We conduct a proprietary behavioral interview specifically tailored to IT professionals to determine the “fit” to the organization

    • We invest the time to acquire a deep understanding of candidates’ relevant skills and experience (accounting, supply chain, project management, implementation methodology)

  • We evaluate technical software knowledge as appropriate

  • We provide post-placement coaching & training services to ensure the successful assimilation of new hires

    • Awareness and moderation of personality dynamics

    • Software functionality, consultancy skills, basics of implementation methodology

  • We invest time to understand your organization, culture, priorities, and specific needs at the beginning of the process, constantly re-calibrate based on feedback throughout, and perform post-placement follow-ups with you to refine our services

How our process ensures you get a better return on recruiting:

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Improved Engagement

  • We conduct a proprietary behavioral interview that allows us to identify employees that will thrive within your organization over the long-term.

  • We build long-standing relationships with prospective candidates and wait for the right opportunity to match them with an employer.

  • Well-matched hires translate to reduced turnover, lower recruiting expenses, as well as less down-time and missed revenue opportunities.

Image by Dylan Ferreira

Focus On Your Core

  • We thoroughly evaluate candidates for you and provide expert technical assessments prior to introducing them to you.

  • ​Your managers can focus on core competencies and avoid spending time interviewing unqualified candidates.

  • You will make better hires by devoting your full attention to selecting from short-lists of qualified candidates.


Revenue Expansion

  • Bring new consultants up to speed more quickly and build stronger teams by using our technical training & extended mentoring.

  •  Unlock the full potential of new hires by leveraging our unique behavioral assessments to fine tune management practices.

  • Motivated teams that work well together are more efficient and generate greater customer satisfaction.

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